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The Tanzania Bodybuilding Federation (TBBF)  in collaboration with PILIPILI ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LIMITED would like to announce to the public the launch of the bodybuilding competition of Mr. Tanzania 2021. Mr. Tanzania will bring together talented bodybuilders from all over Tanzania on the mainland and the islands to compete for the title of “Mr. Tanzania 2021 ”. The culmination of Mr. Tanzania is scheduled to be held at Kilimanjaro Hall, Ubungo Plaza, Ubungo – Dar es Salaam, on 22 October 2021 Starting at 7:00 am. The winner of the Mr.Tanzania 2021 competition will represent our country at the Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding competition to be held from November 20 to 21 2021 in South Africa.

Only bodybuilders who are natives and citizens to register without discrimination of race, religion, or ethnicity are allowed to compete for the title of Mr.Tanzania 2021.

Mr. Tanzania 2021 will be professionally organized by the best exhibition organizers in this industry. Pilipili Entertainment Company Limited has been accredited as the official and sole organizer to host the event and will be filming the entire duration of the participants from their regions and cities as well as the gym as well as the trainer for the participants. This will be made into a television program and shown as an event on one national television from the first day the participants start their rehearsals until the peak day which will be shown live on channel Mambo TV Swahili.

All of these titles are open to competition from individuals without joining and joining any gym member. These crowns will bring to the forefront those who are passionate about being fashionable, artists, or aspiring to be popular in the country. These titles also open up many opportunities for participants in the film and television industry as artists and also increase employment opportunities for Tanzanian youth, TBBF in partnership with Pilipili entertainment company Ltd who are veterans in the industry will oversee these winners under the management plan for a period of 3 years by adding quality to their work.