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Message from the Chairman

Dear Bodybuilding and Fitness enthusiasts:

On behalf of the Tanzania Body Building Federation, I am pleased to welcome you to our official website.

Created in 1996 under direct supervision of TBBF Founder and Technical Advisor for life Mr. Fike Wilson ,tzbbf.com provides and will keep on providing to hundreds of bodybuilders fitness athletes, officials, supporters and fans, from all over the Nation, accurate information on events, news, rules, history and, in general, all the activities carried on by TBBF and the affiliated national federations; that build together in a daily basis, the reality of our sport with many events which will be organized each year, under TBBF logo in the country.

Bodybuilder Fans and stakeholders in Tanzania and around the world are connected through body building lifestyle and passion to obtain our fitness level to the extreme. Body building becomes the sport when one train to the maximum and acquiring the physique which will make he or she to have a desire to compete for the body building contest. The TBBF is on the run to revolutionize body building sport in our country. Due to which the sport is now taken seriously and a reality show will also be filmed side by side the competition which will end at the Grand Finale and our show organizers Pilipili Entertainment Company Ltd are definitely going to pull up a wonderful show to motivate young body builders and make this sporting event well known in the country for the years to come.TBBF affiliates with Cosota ,National Sports Council and International Federation of Body Builders(IFBB) for promoting our winners for bigger competitions and very soon will be recognized in the National Olympic Committee as well as enrolled being a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency, which will make TBBF one of the authority in bodybuilding, whose anti-doping program is in full compliance with the WADA Code.

TBBF will play as well an active relationship with scientific and sport National and International organizations; being conscience of the benefits that a bodybuilding lifestyle can play in the populations health; and the specific applications as ideal anti-aging life style for which the best examples are the legion of outstanding athletes that participate in competitions in the master categories (over 50´s, 60´s, 65’s…).

Events for young athletes (including children’s fitness) and female sport will be some of our most active programs in future.

We are pleased to provide you with all this information, because bodybuilding is the passion for a good health and active life.

Enjoy it.

Your friend in sport,
Amri Jonah
TBBF Chairman