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(1) Only competitors who are natives or citizens of Tanzania by naturalization irrespective of their color , caste or creed are eligible to compete for the prestigious title of Mr. Tanzania, best bodybuilders from GYMs and health clubs will be allowed to compete for the Mr. Tanzania bodybuilding title.

(2) Every competitor must learn and understand the eight basic mandatory poses which are:-

  • Front double biceps
  • Rear double biceps
  • Front lat spread
  • Rear lat spread
  • Side chest to the left right – Quarter turn
  • Triceps flex with left side and right – Quarter turn
  • Abdominal flex with legs

(3) Competition will be judged according to the level of International standard of judgment as the winner of Mr. Tanzania title will be an ambassador of Tanzania to the international competitions (Mr. Universe), (Mr. World) (Mr. Africa)

(4) Using drugs is strictly not allowed to the Mr. Tanzania competitors. Anyone tested of using drugs or any other banned substances will be eliminated from Mr. Tanzania competition immediately and he may face long term suspension from competition.

(5) Any competitor suspected of using drugs or any other banned substances can be taken for urine and blood test immediately after or before competition and he should not have any objection to it. Any objection in giving the dope test will be deemed as guilty and he would have to return the Title he just earned and the same will be honored to the runner up.

(6) Competitors of Mr. Tanzania bodybuilding competition have the right to compete twice or triple for the prestigious title of Mr. Tanzania. Mr. Tanzania as a title holder has the right to defend his title in succession of three times in a row after which he will not be allowed.

(7) All the competitors from all the regions of the country will be treated equal and will compete with full sports man spirit in the honor of this sport.

(8) Decision of the Judges are final for the competition for the year but it does not stop the competitors to raise their issue with the Mr. Tanzania Committee about the misjudging and an enquiry in that matter will be undertaken and if found guilty then those judges will be not repeated in the next year for judging the contestants.

(9) The Mr. Tanzania will be judged in categories of light weight(60-64Kgs), the Light middle weight(65-69Kg),Middle Weight (70-75Kg) and the Light heavy weight (78-85Kg), and the Heavy Weight (90 Kg and above) and the winner , 1st runner up and second runner up will be selected from these categories, the winner from three weight classes will be crowned as Mr. Tanzania title holder hence representing Tanzania to the Mr. Africa, Mr. World and the Mr. Universe competitions.

(10) The winner of Mr. Tanzania body building title will be an ambassador of the sport and an ambassador of the sponsors who sponsored the competition hence the winners after winning their titles should live responsibly in their life.

(11) All competitors of Mr. Tanzania body building competition during the prejudge and the night of the competition will wear posing trunk provided by TBBF which may have sponsors logo on it.

(12) Although the Competition will be judged by the Judges appointed by the Mr. Tanzania Body Building Committee but it will also include an overseer from the National sports council. The competition will be judged by six judges.

(13) Tanzania handsome bodybuilder award will go to the body builder who are fit looking contestants who display proper shape and symmetry, combined with some muscularity and good overall condition. The athletes should have stage presence and poise and their personality and ability to present themselves onstage with confidence, should be visible. They will also be also judged and selected on People’s choice who will vote online during the competitions.

(14) Tanzania photogenic body builder is aimed at men who do weight training, keep fit and eat a healthy balanced diet, but who prefer to develop a less muscular, yet athletic and aesthetically pleasing physique, good looks , muscular ,symmetry , clear healthy skin tone and photogenic face along with people’s choice who would vote for this title too.

(15) The contestants are encouraged to refrain from spoiling reputation and respect of the competition by giving wrong statements to the press without consulting or informing the Committee.

(16) The winners of Mr. Tanzania, Mr. Africa, Mr. Universe, Mr. Handsome and Mr. Photogenic all of them automatically come under the management of TBBF for a period of three years (3years) TBBF will promote, support and share revenues generated by endorsements publicities and any other in the ratio of 60%:40% where TBBF gets 60% and the winner gets 40%.

(17)  In case of low contestant entries, the management has the right to postpone the competitions.



The Mr. Tanzania body building competition’s rules and regulations are the fundamental body building guidelines which will govern the body building sport in Tanzania and the Contestants are advised to maintain its honor and respect.