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The Tanzania Bodybuilding Federation (TBBF) in collaboration with PILI PILI ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD hereby announces the launching of Mr. Tanzania 2017 Bodybuilding Competition. The Mr. Tanzania Bodybuilding competition will bring together the best bodybuilders from all over Tanzania Isles and Mainland to compete for the prestigious title of “Mr. Tanzania”. The “Mr. Tanzania” Grand Finale will be scheduled on December 2017 in Dar es Salaam. The winner of Mr. Tanzania competition will represent our country to MR. AFRICA, MR. UNIVERSE and MR. WORLD Bodybuilding competitions on November 2018.

For the first time since the inception of the Mr. Tanzania Bodybuilding competitions back in the Nineties, Bodybuilders will now be enrolled and admitted through Gyms and fitness clubs only who are competing for the International Category of Mr. Tanzania. This decision was made by the TBBF – Mr. Tanzania Body Building Committee to empower and promote the Gym Culture in Tanzania.   The Mr. Tanzania competition criteria will be the same as that of Mr. Africa, Mr. World, and the Mr. Universe Bodybuilding championships criteria.

Only Bodybuilders who are natives or citizens by naturalization irrespective of their Caste, Color and Creed are eligible to compete for the prestigious Title of Mr. Tanzania,

The Mr. Tanzania 2017 will be organized professionally by one of the best event organizers in the Industry. Pilipili Entertainment Company Ltd are awarded as the official organizers for hosting this event and they will film the progress of Contestants in real time at their region and in their city as well as their Gyms along with the recognized and on board training Consultants for the contestants. This will be made into a reality show which will be shown as Episodes in one of the leading National Television from the day the contestants start their training till the Grand Finale which will be covered Live on TV.

We do have two separate Titles to compete on National Category apart from the Mainstream Mr. Tanzania Title which will be an International Category viz:

  1. Mr. Photogenic bodybuilder
  2. Mr. Handsome Bodybuilder

Both these titles are open to be competing on an individual level with or without the enrollment of the Gym. These titles will bring those contestants into the limelight who are aspiring to be Models, Artists or just want to be known and famous in the country. These titles will also open the enormous opportunities for these contestants in the field of Films and TV Commercials as artists and TBBF in collaboration with Pilipili Entertainment company Ltd who are pioneers in these field will personally manage these winners under their management programme for a period of 3 years thereby adding value to their careers.