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History of TBBF

Body building sport in Tanzania was established for the first time on 24th October 1995 at then Avalon Cinema Hall, Dar es Salaam. Twelve body builders entered the show and it was a fantastic demonstration of Rhythmic synchronization of body movements with the muscles. It was a show stealer event that led the foundation stone of Bodybuilding sport in Tanzania.

The founder and introducer of Body Building Competition in Tanzania is none other than Mr. Fike Wilson who is now an Actor,Director and also amongst the three founders of this organization which was named TBBF(Tanzania Body Building Federation)later. Mr. Fike Wilson was greatly inspired by Joe Weider’s principles of body building and started training himself and then passed on his skills and knowledge to other people who came to him for learning body building techniques in his Gym which later became very famous by the name of REDS GYM in Mbeya in 1990.

After five years of corresponding with Joe Weider, Fike Wilson shifted the Reds Gym Fitness club to Dar es Salaam, Sinza kijiweni and it was on 18th June 1995 in Dar es Salaam Fike Wilson met many weight trainers who were training without proper techniques and discipline and were not following the real principles of body building sport. In 1995 ,REDS GYM collaborated with cultural office of Kinondoni and started conducting Body building Seminars with body builders from various Gym and the results of which were seen on October 28th 1995. the body builders who attended those seminars were now on the podium showing their muscles in front of the audience at Avalon Cinema Hall on April 24th 1996. Out of twenty body builders from various Gyms of Dar es Salaam like Kinondoni , Ilala and Temeke who competed for the first time gave the glory this sport needed in Tanzania and the first Mr. Dar es Salaam was chosen. Mr.Augustino Joseph was declared first Mr.Dar es Salaam in 1996 and Fike Wilson was the runner up. Ms.Tanzania 1995 , Emili Adolph – Beauty Pageant winner was the guest of honour and she was the one who handed the trophies to the winners of Mr. Dar es Salaam contest.

After Mr. Dar es salaam 1996 , the fame of the contest spread like fire across the country and regions like MBEYA, ARUSHA, MOROGORO, TANGA, MWANZA, KILIMANJARO,DODOMA, and the ISLE of ZANZIBAR decided to stage their own body building contests by assistance from body building pioneer Mr. Fike Wilson.

On December 5 1996 at Kilimanjaro Hotel pool side the first ever Mr. Tanzania Body Building Competition took place and Fike Wilson emerged as the winner, Augustino Joseph became the First runner up and Juma suleman from Zanzibar Isle became the second runner up. The competition was sponsored by TASOTA (Tanzania Society of Travel Agents) , Mult Lock and Salama Condoms. The guest of honour was Her Excellency the consular General of Seychelles Mrs. Maryvone Pool and the event was supervised by General Secretary Samson Kayobyo from National Sports Council.

Body building sport was getting big and media was covering it widely.

After the success of first Mr.Tanzania competitions , Mr.Fike Wilson thought that it was now imperative that a federation of Body builders should be made so that the sport can prosper still further and then with his few like- minded colleagues like Mr. Francis Mapugilo (Currently General Secretary) and Mr.Nemes Chiwalala (Currently Chairman) came together to form TBBF.

Mr. Tanzania competitions had its own ups and downs. The second Mr. Dar es Salaam 1997 was almost stopped in the last minutes by the Police on the orders given by then Dar es Salaam regional Cultural officer Mr. Salim Dossi. The contest was stopped and the fans had to return back before it even begun, the cultural officer complained that body building wasn’t a sport but a ” Flaunting Beauty of Men” contest and such a sport where Men wearing under pants and posing in front of media and audiences cannot be allowed in Tanzania as it might hurt the feelings of some communities. It is important to put the name of Mrs. Sijaona in this history as she was the one who was sympathetic and understanding who was Regional Administrative officer of Dar es Salaam who shot a letter to Salim Dossi to allow the organizers to go on with the competition, but Salim Dossi still refused to allow the organizers to stage the contest as the orders were from Ministry of Sports and Culture under the advice of Mr. ELIKUNDA MATERU and it further said that they will not only allow such an competition but also the body building sport. Mr. Elikunda Materu said the two events : Body building and Beauty Pageant were not in our culture and going nude is a taboo in Tanzania!

A big rally was staged on the streets of Dar es Salaam condemning this law and finally authorities decided to sit and discuss on these issues and the results revealed that the participants of Beauty Pagent and Mr.Tanzania should not wear half naked clothes and the same was agreed and on those understandings the competitions were allowed to take place. Mr. Dar es Salaam 1997 was staged again in the same place at F.M CLUB KINONDONI and GUINESS BREWING LIMITED were the sponsors for the event, SOLOMON NASUMA became the winner of Mr. Dar es Salaam 1997 and JIMMY BOMBAY became the first runner up and the late ROBINSON WILSON (ROBY) became the 2nd runner.

On 18th Dec 1997 the 2nd MR TANZANIA contest which was coordinated by Mr Francis Andoni Mapugilo took place under sponsorship of Guiness Brewing Limited, Fike Wilson clinched the title of Mr. Tanzania for the second time beating down 22 competitors from twelve regionals of Mbeya, Mwanza, Tanga, Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Rukwa, Pwani, Morogoro, Dodoma, Shinyanga and Dar es Salaam. George Adolph from Tanga became the first runner up and Augustino Joseph became the second runner up, Hon. Minister for Sports and Culture Mr. WILLIAM LUKUVI was the guest of honor.

On April 19,1998 the third Mr. Dar es Salaam Body Building Competitions were held under the sponsorship of Guiness Brewing World Wide Limited again. The Mr. Dar es Salaam 1998 competition was now also called Mr. Guiness 1998. Mr. Guiness Dar es salaam 1998 was staged and Solomon Nasuma won the title again, Kassim Mpaila was first runner up and Dulla Mohamed was the second runner up. After Mr. Guiness Dar es Salaam 1998 contest the zone contests began, There were three zones, EASTERN ZONE, SOUTHERN ZONE AND LAKE ZONE competitions, All the three zones winners and their first and second runner up came to compete to the third annual Mr. Tanzania 1998. The competitor’s camp was situated at YMCA centre at the city centre. Mr. Guiness Tanzania 1998 was staged at Silent Inn Club Mwenge. Hon. Deputy Minister of Sports, Education and Culture Mr. Bujiku Sakila was the guest of honour, George Adolph clinched the title, Solomon Nasuma was First runner up, and Mohamed Ali was the second runner up. The top six finalist of Mr. Guiness Body building contest formed the National team who were invited to compete for the Mr. Africa Body building competition in Cairo, Egypt on 20th February 1999. The trip to Egypt was sponsored by the Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) . George Adolph won the bronze medal.

The Mr. Tanzania Competition of 1999 were held at Capa Cabana Hotel of Masaki who were the sponsors of the event. The winner of the event was Solomon Nasuma, First runner up was Ndeyanka Omari and the second runner up was Dulla Saidi. In the year 2000 the winner of Mr. Tanzania was Nyakashi Ntwenya, First runner up was James Sunga, Second runner up was late Julius Mapambano, The event was staged at White sand Hotel, Tusker Milk Stout was the sole sponsor of the contest .Mr. Dar es Salamm contest was held at Mambo club Oysterbay which was now Maisha club. Ally   Ramadhani ‘‘ Van damme’’ emerged the winner, Dulla Said was the first runner up and Juma Hassan was the second runner up.

In 2001 and 2002 there were no contest staged in the city of Dar es Salaam due to the lack of sponsorship.

In 2003 the Dar es Salaam Body building Federation subsidiary of TBBF in collaboration with DESTINATION TRAVEL AGENCY LIMITED who came as sponsors on board for Mr. Dar es Salaam competition. The contest was staged on 22 May 2003 at F.M CLUB KINONDONI, Mr. Rodgers Hamis emerged the winner, James Sunga became the first runner up and Kurwa Omari became the third runner up.

From 2004 to 2005 unfortunately again due to lack of sponsors the contest was not held. In 2006 the sport was revived again this time by inviting all level of Body builders from all three zones of Ilala, Kinondoni and temeke REDS GYM and KILIMANJARO FITNESS were the sponsor of the contest. The contest was staged at 92 Hotel Sinza shekilango road on August 14 2006 when a group of 22 body builders entered the show and Kurwa Omari emerged the winner of Mr. Dar es salaam title by beating down 21 Body builders, Frank Lupangile became the first runner up and the late Omari Fundikira became the third runner up.

In 2007 Mr. Dar es Salaam was named again in the name of sponsors and was named as Mr. Mobipower 2007 staged under sponsorship of MOBIPAWA SIMU NI PESA, Mr. MOBIPOWA Body building competition was staged at Coco beach Oysterbay on 12th December 2007, 20 competitors entered the competition, Bedui Omari was the winner of Mr. Mobipawa 2007 and Vistus Mwami became the first runner up, Robert Samson became the 2nd runner up.

After 2007 came the dark days for this sport and competition due to lack of sponsorship as at that time the whole world was feeling the effects of American recession. TBBF and their stake holders since then have continued giving seminar of Body building in various gyms around the country, Nyakashi Ntwenga the current Mr. Tanzania and the T.B.B.F contest organization committee under the leadership of Fike Wilson , Nemes Chiwalala and secretary General Francis Andon are working very hard to make this sport a success.

Currently we see that most of the Tanzanians have become health conscious and a Gym culture has erupted. Big heath clubs have started giving Health and fitness advices. Body builders now are becoming health instructors and fitness consultants. Boys and Girls have started going to Gym for looking fit and beautiful due to their aspirations in modeling and acting. When you do your training for your aspirations and goals you start feeling better and more fitter and want to get challenged.

The T.B.B.F has given these Boys a platform to challenge and compete in Mr. Tanzania Handsome and Mr. Tanzania Photogenic Categories along with the Mr. Tanzania 2017 title started again with more enthusiasm and acquired strength from Pilipili Entertainment Company Ltd who are well known organizors of Event and Producing high quality shows.

After receiving admirable response from bodybuilder community around Tanzania, TBBF is back in 2018 with regional participants and last year Title holders.